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Trust our experienced and caring team to assess and diagnosis your foot and lower limb conditions. We have the expertise and equipment to evaluate and commence specialised treatments and advice. We’ll stay with you and help you until your condition has resolved, and we’ll provide strategies to help prevent reoccurrence, reduce ongoing pain and maximise performance.

General Foot Care

You have access to a wide range of in clinic podiatry treatments for your general foot problems including:

  • Hard to cut nails
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Fungal nails
  • Thickened toenails
  • Callous
  • Corns
  • Warts
  • Blisters
  • Tinea
  • Dry skin
  • Cracked heels
  • Smelly sweaty feet

​We follow and adhere to the strict infection prevention and control guidelines and regulations set out by the Podiatry Board of Australia.

There is a range of common and unusual foot problems we treat, detailed below:

Shockwave Therapy

High amplitude pulses send kinetic energy to painful areas of the body. This therapy successfully treats a variety of tendon, joint and muscular conditions. It is safe, non-evasive and has no side effects. Our in-house, low pain therapy can help provide faster recovery and increase performance.

Shockwave therapy has the ability to:

  • Increase blood flow to the site – stimulating healing of the injured tissue
  • Decreasing pain sensation in the area – reduction in the pain receptor (substance P)
  • Facilitate normal function to tissues around the site.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

A common & successful procedure performed in our Ferntree Gully Clinic to permanently correct chronic in-growing toenails.

  • This is a small procedure, where the offending section of toenail is removed.
  • A chemical is then applied to the site to ensure there is no regrowth of the nail.
  • The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and usually takes under an hour.
  • Full recovery is usually achieved within 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Photodynamic Therapy (PACT) for Fungal Nails

A new safe, pain free and effective treatment option that is used in our clinic to treat fungal nail infections.

  • The process requires thinning of the infected nails.
  • We then apply a specialised gel followed by a 9 ½ minute treatment under the PACT LED light.

Initially three treatments are required in the first week. Subsequent treatments will be scheduled, depending on the severity of the infection.

Your Podiatrist will determine the extent of the infection based on an industry recommended checklist and scoring system.


Orthotics are flexible inserts for your shoes. They are designed to improve foot function, by promoting appropriate foot and lower limb alignment. They also help your feet provide ideal weight distribution while you’re standing and walking.

There are 2 types of orthotics that we recommend and use:

Prefabricated Orthoses

  • Pre-made orthotics are specially crafted by podiatrists. They provide support, but are not designed specifically for your individual feet.
  • Our prefabricated Orthoses are more supportive and comfortable than what is available in chemists and the insoles currently in your shoes. They can be suitable for a range of minor foot conditions and we can identify the best one for your needs.

Custom Made Orthoses:

  • These Orthoses are manufactured to specifically fit and support your foot. They will easily fit comfortably in a variety of shoes.
  • After completing a full biomechanical, walking and plantar pressure assessment, and casting of your feet, we design orthotics specifically for your feet and condition.


Orthotics are not our standard “first solution”, when possible we try to identify and incorporate other options. However, when Orthotics are required, we use the latest technology and provide ongoing strategies to help maximise the performance of your feet – while reducing the pain they have been causing.

Plantar Pressure Plate

An innovative diagnostic tool that we utilise in our clinic to get even better insight into our patient’s feet while moving and standing.

  • Uses 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second, to give great analysis of our patient’s walking and standing problems.

We provide our patient’s with a printed summary, outlining any abnormalities with standing and walking, plus comparisons to ideal results.

  • This enables us to tailor specific treatment plans to help correct any weaknesses or misalignment with standing and walking.

Walking and Running Video Analysis

The use of a treadmill, camera and technology allows our Podiatrists to conduct state of the art assessments. These accurately identify causes of pain or problems with walking and running.

This analysis means we are in the best position to understand and analyse your foot and lower limb function, plus your orthotic and footwear performance.

You are able to view your walking or running form, giving you a better understanding of the factors that may be causing pain or reduction in performance which gives you the greatest chance to implement changes.

Cantharone for Warts

An easy and pain free application which produces effective skin reactions to help resolve persistent warts.

The process causes blistering of the skin, which restricts the blood supply to the wart in an effort to kill it. As with any blisters, the dead skin will grow away from the normal skin, while new healthy tissue takes its place.

  • A solution that causes blistering of the skin by cutting off the blood supply to the wart in an effort to kill it.
  • Unlike dry ice/liquid nitrogen treatments, Cantharone is generally painless. It is also our preferred treatment option for children.
  • Similar to other wart treatments there may be some discomfort whilst the blister is forming.

Mobilisation and Manipulation

Your feet function best when everything is in the right place. Many factors can create changes in your feet, which ultimately results in imbalances and compensatory reactions.

To return your feet to best functional position, we recommend mobilisation & manipulation.

  • This treatment involves the application of light force and gentle movement to your feet and ankles.
  • Mobilisation & manipulation is highly effective in the treatment of arthritis and many musculoskeletal problems within the feet.

Foot Strengthening Techniques

Musculoskeletal pain and injury is generally caused by weakness and compensation in the foot and lower limbs. Foot strengthening techniques are an effective way to prevent, resolve and rehabilitate from injury.

  • To perform daily activities efficiently, your feet must remain strong and have a balanced relationship.
  • Strong, balanced feet can also result in better sports performance and reduces your risk of injuries.

We educate and implement structured exercise plans, specific to your requirements. These are designed to improve strength, performance and balance in your feet.

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Podiatrists play a vital role in assessment and prevention of foot complications associated with diabetes. We recommended people with diabetes have a diabetic foot assessment annually.

  • Tests are conducted with that latest technology.
  • You receive an industry leading to review of the health of your nerves and the flow of blood to your feet.
  • A comprehensive report is then compiled and forwarded to your team of doctor and specialists.

Footwear Assessment

Having properly fitted and supportive shoes can prevent many skin and nail problems, plus foot and lower limb injuries.

Our Podiatrists are experts in assessing feet and advising on the suitability of current or future footwear. Two common footwear problems we regularly see are correct level of support and that the footwear is a proper fit for your foot type.

  • Common concerns are whether shoes have the right amount of support or are a proper fit for your foot type.
  • We can demonstrate different lacing techniques for your shoes which might make fitting more comfortable. Our clinics are equipped with the latest equipment so we can stretch shoes to provide a better fit for your feet.

Home Visits

We don’t want to exclude anyone from podiatry treatment. So for those who are unable to travel to our clinics, we can offer podiatry visits to your home.

Family, staff and Case Managers are kept up to date with your treatments. This ensures the highest quality of care is provided, so optimal foot health is maintained and prevention strategies are understood.

  • We work closely with patients, family, staff and case managers to provide the highest quality of care in order to maintain optimal foot health and prevent complications.
  • We also perform thorough assessments and give appropriate advice on reducing falls.
  • Home visits are generally billed at a higher rate to cover extra costs

Running Technique Assessment

We provide a thorough analysis of your running form, along with athletic footwear assessment and advice. Our analysis and treatments help enhance your running technique, avoid injury and improve their performance.

A running technique assessment and training may help you if you:

  • Have suffered or currently have an injury from running
  • Are currently training or want to start training for a running event
  • Want to improve your running speed
  • Wear through running shoes quickly
  • Want to improve how far you can run
  • Want to sprint faster on the sports field
  • Want to run but you find it difficult and not enjoyable

CAM Walker Fittings

A Controlled Ankle Movement walker or Moon Boot is professionally fitted in our clinics. By immobilising and reducing pressure to the foot and ankle, fractures of the feet or chronic musculoskeletal problems are treated.

  • Used successfully to treat fractures of the feet or chronic musculoskeletal problems.
  • Both ankle and knee high boots are available to accommodate for each patient’s requirements and comfort.