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06 Feb 2019 | Liam Rothwell

Fascinating foot facts

Fascinating foot facts, and why our feet matter There’s a lot of anatomy in the two relatively small packages we call our feet. And it’s

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06 Dec 2018 | Liam Rothwell

Heel pain: all your questions answered.

Heel pain: all your questions answered Heel pain, plantar heel pain or Plantar Fasciitis, is pain at the bottom of the heel. There are many

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03 Oct 2018 | Liam Rothwell

Footcare for Spring

Spring has officially sprung and if you’re already imagining being barefoot on the beach or showing off your pedicure at the racing carnival, then now

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12 Aug 2018 | Liam Rothwell

Good Shoes = Good Foot Health

The average person walks approximately 160,000 kilometers in their lifetime which highlights how important feet and foot health are. Shoes should not only fit your

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